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Welcome to your new Help Center!

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  1. randy ford

    Nothing appears to work from this email.

    Your password has been changed:did not have one

    Your username is:

    Your new password:  no place to put it on page you sent to me

    Login:  all this does is to me to a page with ads on it.

    For customer support: this does not send me to customer support and page has no way to sen email to you no link off page. 

    I do have a problem with the training that was offered. I've seen better free on internet. for one thing the information is at least 5 years old. and since the new law makes it harder for Facebook to do what they did that kind of next video bad. it doesn't talk about any of the new technologies that are available for writing content making videos using artificial intelligence posting Bots and such like. Someone needs to get a hold of me pretty quick I'm not happy at all. 

  2. Elstyle56

    I would like to cancel and want my $67.00 refunded back.

  3. Jose Torrez

    Look I have called support center did the password but still have nothing. After reviewing this looks like I am not the only one.

  4. Christin Southern

    70 dollars I didn't have and I still haven't viewed my "product" I have been unable to access anything and I feel like a fool for being suckered in by an offer too good to be true. I have been asking for a refund for a couple of days but conveniently, no one ever seems to be around. Obviously I am going to have to dispute the transaction with my bank. I wish I could have seen all these comments before I ordered this bs system. 

  5. Kendall Monson

    i want a refund!!!!  this is a big rotten deal

  6. C Jayy

    i want a refund!!!!
    This is obsurd. you ppl shld be ashamed of yourselves!!!


    I want to cancel this membership and business scam 

  8. Melek Ben Israel

    This is a scam and the people involved like Adam Green, Robert Stanton ,Charles Hanson are scammers and the whole company of "BESTEDUCLASS" SHOULD ALL BE ARRESTED asap for fraudulent business and how they treat you is funny to them and disgusting!!!!!!! BBB will hear about this SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jahoe Turley

    Help me make easy kits

  10. Pierre Akili

    I want to make money but I need somebody to show me how I can work at easykits please