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Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to the Help Center, the go-to place for support for your customers. Your customers can browse and search self-service content here. This is an article, which can be organized into categories, which are further organized into sections.

If your customers can't find an answer here, they can start a new conversation from here. They can also sign in to view their entire conversation with you, as well as update their profile and comment on Help Center articles.

Kayako has two main areas:

- Help Center - you're here! Learn more about the Help Center here

- Agent area - this is accessible at  If you have administrator permissions, you'll also see a setting tab which will bring you to the administrator area. This is where you can configure your Kayako (such as adding a Twitter account, updating views and creating automations!).

You can delete this demo article at any time by logging in as an agent, and clicking the Delete button at the top.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions! We're always available at

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  1. Pierre Akili

    I want to make money but I need somebody to show me how I can work at easykits please

  2. Paula Bryant

    I want to cancel membership before my 3 day trial ends. I don't want anymore charges billed to the card I gave you!

  3. Edwin Boone

    I can’t access my account with easy kits  . I need to help with access to my account. I mind  I need the correct email address to reset my password.

  4. Bowlingjack64

    i want to end this and get my money back

  5. Claudia Medrano

    Claudia Medrano confirmó mi estado

  6. Claudia Medrano

    Claudia Medrano confirmó 

  7. Justin Esposito

    Have not received my refund either and I am not patient.  I am ready to go to the BBB cause you suck here!!!  Return our money we are not interested in your scam!!!  I have only been polite and so patient.... Now it's been too long.

    Refund the money!!!  I do not want any part of this and looks like there are several other people who feel the same. I have screen shot this so that I may show how many unhappy you have.  REFUND THE MONEY!!!!!

    Justin Esposito  

  8. Tauni

    I want to delete my account and i don't want to receive any further emails after it is deleted.  

  9. LaTisha Barrett

    How do I get started with this 


    The support email isn't working either