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  1. EasyKits Admin

  2. Posted




  2. Craw727

    If I have confused your company with someone else’s.

    I am So Sorry!
    and I haven’t paid. And you can build me an automated working website, I will pay up a s a p!

  3. Debbie Herrington

    how do you get your $47.00 refunded and cancel your order this is a scam


    a few seconds ago via Helpcenter

    I watched and followed instructions. I have a website that does not function and will not allow me to see the E-bay products. When I have requested help I get that my topics and sub topics are to long? BS you better go look at the instructions. 

    How the hell can you get a scrolling web site that people can shop on?

    Now here is a fact there is nothing simple about this product. I have websites that function that I built. This is a scam and I have documented step by step process. Either you help me get a functioning website up and running or I will have a conversation with our State Attorney General.

  5. Carla Coale

    I am pretty disappointed and really upset that they can advertise this on FB.  Maybe FB should band these people.  False Advertising and ripping poor people off.  I guess if it sounds to good to be true it is.  Next time I will investigate more.

  6. Christina Phelps

    Lol. I can't truly believe that it took me almost a year after all these websites after website trying to find where n how I could make all this money but nothing wasn't planning going right. I was stressing so much I was losing money and my high hopes cause I was getting tired of ppl lying to those who is desperate to make money and thought why am I not getting any good news. Well folks. All I can say is that tonight something changed my whole entire attitude from sad to unbelievable that I what I was doing in the past listening to others n different websites which the answer was just right in your face. I should have thought when I fist watched the vedio. Oh my goodness. They are right even a 8 year old can do it. Thank you. I'm just grateful tonight. I'm smiling.. 

    BTW everyone who is complaining about the 47 . It's not your fault but go back keep watching your vedio til you finally click in til light bulb rings a bell. I promise go back keep watching.. believe me you guy will get a big final laugh. Big thank

  7. Tina Herrera

    Thank you Patricia

  8. Belinda Saffel Page

    Refund my money ASAP. I’m not gonna pay you for crap I can go online to learn   Didn’t know I signed up to be in school again. Jeez, what a waist, because if you really made an effort to work what you’re offering everyone then it would make everyone money. Seen it done, just don’t have the formula to make it work. 

  9. James Kuck

    You can sue this company it's called false advertisement are the people are being paid as the one sits being bribed to post pictures and comments and videos them the only suckers that are making money
  10. Pamela Martin

    When will my $47 be refunded to my account? He said it would be done immediately in the video so......... Thank you!