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Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to the Help Center, the go-to place for support for your customers. Your customers can browse and search self-service content here. This is an article, which can be organized into categories, which are further organized into sections.

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Kayako has two main areas:

- Help Center - you're here! Learn more about the Help Center here

- Agent area - this is accessible at  If you have administrator permissions, you'll also see a setting tab which will bring you to the administrator area. This is where you can configure your Kayako (such as adding a Twitter account, updating views and creating automations!).

You can delete this demo article at any time by logging in as an agent, and clicking the Delete button at the top.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions! We're always available at

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  2. Hollis Morse

    This doesn't sound good and you can refund my money as well! I've been trying to figure this shit out and I think I did get scammed. I'm $300 deep and I've got nothing! Where are my 100 routes of traffic and why hasnt anybody helped me? I'm one pissed off blackbelt! ;(

  3. Kyle Jeffers



    Thank you

  5. jeff Ellis

    i got scammed by these people prolly around 6 months ago was never able to get my money back iu even paid for an upgrade they just changed the name of this system so my advise to you is anywhere you hear the same guy narreting and saying you can get 500 with the push oif a button run dont buy a freaking thing and tell whomever not to also  cause they are sneaky and they dont have to send your bank any information abiout who is taking your money its fucking bull shit 

  6. Katrina LeAnne Clark

    Need a refund ASAP! I should have read the comments first! I needed help finding the email for confirmation and link to get started so I called the member back to ask who the sender was. So I called the main number and the lady was rude and told me that the guy would call me back when he had the time and she tells me I’m a smart ass attitude I’ve already helped you just wait for his call okay? And hung up on me.

  7. Jamie Lee

    Want my money NOW

  8. Robert Voegeli

    Don’t be such a wimp! Be patient! Call your mentor 1-877-393-2644 and there is other numbers look for them and call? Don’t act like your impatient they will get to you? Be nice or they won’t!


    This is a scam you should file a report with the FBI at

  10. Gayle Arnold

    Help me get started with the money I have paid or refund it now. Will contact my bank if no steps to help get me started are taken.