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Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to the Help Center, the go-to place for support for your customers. Your customers can browse and search self-service content here. This is an article, which can be organized into categories, which are further organized into sections.

If your customers can't find an answer here, they can start a new conversation from here. They can also sign in to view their entire conversation with you, as well as update their profile and comment on Help Center articles.

Kayako has two main areas:

- Help Center - you're here! Learn more about the Help Center here

- Agent area - this is accessible at  If you have administrator permissions, you'll also see a setting tab which will bring you to the administrator area. This is where you can configure your Kayako (such as adding a Twitter account, updating views and creating automations!).

You can delete this demo article at any time by logging in as an agent, and clicking the Delete button at the top.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions! We're always available at

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  1. Jerry Tacy

    Yeah I just requested mine back bate and hook tacted shown this to my attorney today 2/16/2019 3:30pm 


    Has anyone that's requested a refund gotten it back yet? Or even heard anything back when trying to get a hold of these people?

  3. Diana Doyal

    I'm still asking for my refund please.

  4. Yvonne Hays

    i am asking for a refund very disappointed cannot even get access

  5. peggy street

    If you can't help me send me back my money

  6. peggy street

    All I want is a little bit of help here, my name and password has not been set up obiviously I dont exist yet !!!!

  7. Lisa Fagan

    Please send me a refund

  8. Tbom1

    This Milton Bailey, this is not for me, please refund me!  Thks!

  9. Thomas Birdsong

    I know it is  going to do NO  GOOD .  But I would like a  refund of $47.00 US . Do you have anybody that has figured out how to do what you’ve led them to believe could be done. I’m not talking about paid actors who will say anything you want them to say. I am asking if you have even one real person that has made this crap-o-la work?  I’ve not read any positive responses , any. 

  10. Nancy Anderson

    I'm not planning to quit. i  want to get this program I  was able to figure out the first set of instructions. I will be needing some verbal help. I watched the tutorial followed them to the place where I got to the screen that stared the Website creating and I  named my domain. I wanted to log out for the night.   Then I tried to log in again then.  Yesterday was just a series of we will get back to you.  I am not worried about getting money back. I plan to learn this program. I expect to be given clear and proper instructions.