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Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to your new Help Center!

Welcome to the Help Center, the go-to place for support for your customers. Your customers can browse and search self-service content here. This is an article, which can be organized into categories, which are further organized into sections.

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Kayako has two main areas:

- Help Center - you're here! Learn more about the Help Center here

- Agent area - this is accessible at  If you have administrator permissions, you'll also see a setting tab which will bring you to the administrator area. This is where you can configure your Kayako (such as adding a Twitter account, updating views and creating automations!).

You can delete this demo article at any time by logging in as an agent, and clicking the Delete button at the top.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions! We're always available at

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  1. EasyKits Admin

  2. Posted



    I cancel today and joined yesterday . 

  2. melinda

    so where is the $1500 that is in my "account" 


    let me tell you, there will soon be a lawsuit with your name all over it, i've saved everything, all 250,000 + emails that you spam me with everyday for the past year or so. this is false advertising and so many other things that my lawyer and im sure many others will have a field day with.  stay the f out of my email. quit reading my data, i only agreed to privacy just to comment to you this. have fun in court if your not already there.

  3. Paul Cevis

    The original email gave the impression that all of the setup and site design was included and there would be no addtional costs. I have been receiving emails giving me the impression that the site is up and operating, even supposedly earning commissions, they being deposited in my paypal account. Unto this day I have had no activity nor received a deposit. There was the promise of mailings of checks as well, which not one has been received. The scam artist has used your setup company to perpetrate the deception. I am requesting the immediate return of my $47.00 per your satisfaction agreement and policy.

  4. Scannon659

    give me my money back. and dont use my name or websie or domain Name.

  5. Scannon659

    i quit it take too long to get eery thing set up wiht no help from anyone.

  6. Scannon659

    ok i want my money back too.

  7. Shawnda369


  8. Bill Hines

    All you guys have to do to get the refund is call this number. 

    (866) 698-2574

    They are super nice.

  9. Betsy Coburn

    Refund please! I reported you as fraud so if you don’t you are going down! 

  10. April Nicole

    Not understanding the concept of this if no one has been Helped