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Welcome to your new Help Center!

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  1. Abinadab Abdi Garcia

    I want my money back wasted on this for nothing. 

  2. Ajzell Cannon

    If I don’t get my $47 back I’m going to sue your website..  this is nothing like the video said. I want my money back now. I want a refund. If I don’t get my money back in the next two days I’m going to sue your website 

  3. Maudelee2004

    Please Cancel My Order And Refund My 47.00 Because I Have Tried Every Thing;    Maude Adams

  4. Carlos Martinez

    Give me my money back this thing doesn’t work. 


    How do I get my refund?  This is NOTHING like the video said it was. I've been scammed and I should have known better.  Money back guarantee! Please refund.

  6. Lyle Schmidt

    Please credit my refund to me.  This didn"t do anything for me you said it would.

  7. Arbury Tracy Javis-Champion

    Where is the first $500 that was promised after watching that film before I gave up my $47?

  8. Pat Jo Kendall

    It took me a while to figure this out bit I'm stubborn and never give up even though there are times I've cried , screamed, and almost biffed my phone at the wall in anger but I won't let the tec win. Have faith in your own strength and don't let your emotions get in the way of getting paid! Who's gunna win? God damn it! I am!!!

  9. David Rimmer

    What is the deal? Where is my username and password??!

  10. Christina Gomez

    No please this is the 3rd fraud scam this week... I'm going to blow my fucking head off.